Monthly Archives: May 2008

Barbequed Salmon Fillets

This recipe is hand-written on a piece of old yellowed paper. It probably came from Grandma Shirley, or her mother “Ma Virg”.
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Chex Mix

I know! You can find a Chex Mix recipe on any Chex cereal box, especially during the holidays. However, this one is my favorite version, probably because it’s the one I enjoyed growing up in the 60s. I like to serve it as a snack at parties or during the holidays.
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Hot Chocolate Mix

I searched high and low for a recipe for a hot chocolate mix that uses real powdered milk — not non-dairy creamer! This is the best recipe I could find for a make-head hot chocolate mix. Unlike most powdered milks, the Milkman brand gives a rich and real-milk taste to this ultimate comfort beverage. I was very surprised and happy with the results.

Prepare this mix ahead of time and store it in the pantry until you want a quick mug o’ liquid chocolate. It can also be given in a gift jar along with the instructions.
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7-Layer Dip

This is adapted from a recipe I found at The Epicurious Recipe Swap (formerly Gail’s Recipe Swap). The original recipe stated that the secret to this dip is the bean dip itself, and thinly spreading the layers.
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Caramel Dip

It’s funny that a recipe with only one ingredient can take almost two hours to make, but this is one recipe you do not want to rush or you’ll not get good results. This recipe came from the Eagle Brand web site. It’s a great dip for sliced apples, or it can be served as a caramel sauce over ice cream.
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