Hot Chocolate Mix

I searched high and low for a recipe for a hot chocolate mix that uses real powdered milk — not non-dairy creamer! This is the best recipe I could find for a make-head hot chocolate mix. Unlike most powdered milks, the Milkman brand gives a rich and real-milk taste to this ultimate comfort beverage. I was very surprised and happy with the results.

Prepare this mix ahead of time and store it in the pantry until you want a quick mug o’ liquid chocolate. It can also be given in a gift jar along with the instructions.

3 C powdered milk (we use Milkman Instant Lowfat Dry Milk — the best!)
1/2 C cocoa
3/4 C sugar
Dash of salt

Sift the ingredients into a large bowl. Pack the mix into an airtight container or jar.

To make 1 cup of Hot Chocolate:
4 Tbsp. Hot Chocolate Mix (from jar)
8 ounces boiling water
Marshmallows or whipped cream (optional)

Place the Hot Chocolate Mix into a 12 oz. mug. Pour a little boiling water into the bottom; stir until the Chocolate Mix is completely dissolved. Fill the mug with remaining boiling water and stir well. If desired, garnish with marshmallows or whipped cream.

NOTE: I have lost the original source of this recipe. If you believe this recipe is yours, please let me know so I can give you full credit for it…. and thank you for sharing!

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