Monthly Archives: August 2008

Coleslaw Salad

I was seeking a light but hearty coleslaw salad without any sugar or creamy dressing. I created this version from ingredients we already had on-hand! It has lots of flavor and crunch and is very quick to throw together. For additional nutrition and a complete light meal, add shredded cooked chicken. This salad is often requested by family and friends for parties, picnics, and potlucks.
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Salmon Patties

These are my mom’s salmon patties. As she says, they’re something she “just throws together, they’re so easy!”. She threw them together one night when I visited after work, and I really enjoyed them. With the exception of the salmon and the eggs, she doesn’t measure. As I said, she “just throws them together”. If possible, use Trader Joe’s Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon.
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Machaca Burrito

This is another “My Best Recipe” printed in the Food section of the Los Angeles Times, some time in the mid-80s. The meat can be also cooked in a crock pot on low setting for several hours or until it shreds with a fork.
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Mexican Corn

This is a delicious side dish to serve with enchiladas or another Mexican main course. Published in Bon Appetit, July 1995.
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‘Better than Sex’ Cake

This cake was served at a baby shower luncheon I attended. When I requested the recipe, the hostess said it’s in a cookbook that I just happen to have! It’s refreshing, light, and delicious… and true to its name. 🙂

Source:  Dear SOS: Dessert Recipe Requests to the Los Angeles Times by Rose Dosti (former food editor of the Times). The book states:  “Despite the dubious title, the cake has been a great favorite for at least a decade. The cake and its many improvisations probably circulated in the Southeastern Seaboard and passed across the country through food editors.” 
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