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Chunky Hearty Three-Bean Soup

Hearty Three-Bean Soup

This is our new favorite soup, perfect for these cool autumn days. It’s our adaptation of the original recipe titled “Recipe for Health: Hearty Three-Bean Soup”, printed in a magazine we received from a local hospital. True to its name, it is very hearty, full of flavor, and chunky with lots of the good stuff! We’ve made it many times, adjusting¬† the seasonings to suit our taste. Most of the seasonings approximately double the original amounts. This is a great comfort-food gift, or what I call “A Hug in a Bowl”. We often make a double batch and freeze half for later. And it seems to taste better each day.
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Rita’s Famous Cheeseball

FOUND!!! Rita’s famous cheeseball recipe. I’ve heard about it… they’ve raved about… and at last, here it is — Rita’s Famous Cheeseball!
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