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Ice Ring

An ice ring is an excellent way to keep a cold drink cold when served in a large punch bowl. It can be made from water, or from the punch ingredients so that as it melts it does not dilute the punch with plain water. It can be decorated with slice fruit which then floats in the punch as the ice ring melts.
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Holiday Cranberry Punch

This recipe was printed in late 1999 in the Food section of the Los Angeles Times. Credit goes to Missouri’s former first lady Jean Carnahan, who shares this and other recipes in her book Christmas at the Mansion: Its Memories and Menus. Is a colorful and delicious beverage to serve at holiday parties.
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Hot Chocolate Mix

I searched high and low for a recipe for a hot chocolate mix that uses real powdered milk — not non-dairy creamer! This is the best recipe I could find for a make-head hot chocolate mix. Unlike most powdered milks, the Milkman brand gives a rich and real-milk taste to this ultimate comfort beverage. I was very surprised and happy with the results.

Prepare this mix ahead of time and store it in the pantry until you want a quick mug o’ liquid chocolate. It can also be given in a gift jar along with the instructions.
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Banana Shake

This delicious, refreshing recipe was printed in an issue of Prevention magazine several years ago. It’s an excellent source of potassium and low-fat calories with a cool, tropical taste.
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English Eggnog

This is a rich, homemade eggnog! This recipe comes from one of the old cookbooks that belonged to Jim’s sister Rita. He recalls that the (now unknown) cookbook was nearly falling apart.
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