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‘Better than Sex’ Cake

This cake was served at a baby shower luncheon I attended. When I requested the recipe, the hostess said it’s in a cookbook that I just happen to have! It’s refreshing, light, and delicious… and true to its name. 🙂

Source:  Dear SOS: Dessert Recipe Requests to the Los Angeles Times by Rose Dosti (former food editor of the Times). The book states:  “Despite the dubious title, the cake has been a great favorite for at least a decade. The cake and its many improvisations probably circulated in the Southeastern Seaboard and passed across the country through food editors.” 
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Suzanne’s Killer Chocolate Bundt Cake

Whenever a former colleague — a confirmed chocoholic — brought this to work, we all went crazy over it. Fortunately, she shared the recipe! It’s very easy and quick to make, very chocolatey, and very good!
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Old-Fashioned Banana Cake

We found this recipe on an old, yellowed index card, tucked away with other family recipes in a forgotten box on a high shelf in our kitchen. The card includes the following note: “May be frosted with a banana frosting or eaten plain.”  Either way, it’s delicious. We love the rich, moist texture and robust banana taste, and agreed that it needs no frosting.
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Mom’s Carrot Cake

This is the classic, rich, moist carrot cake, the one my mom makes. The original source is unknown. Colin (who doesn’t like cake) tasted it and said “This is awesome!”.
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