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Coleslaw Salad

I was seeking a light but hearty coleslaw salad without any sugar or creamy dressing. I created this version from ingredients we already had on-hand! It has lots of flavor and crunch and is very quick to throw together. For additional nutrition and a complete light meal, add shredded cooked chicken. This salad is often requested by family and friends for parties, picnics, and potlucks.
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Gommie’s Lemon Jello Salad

My grandmother, whom we called “Gommie”, wrote this recipe on a piece of paper many years ago. Since she didn’t include the name, we’re naming it after her. It may sound like a strange combination of ingredients, but even non-Jello eaters really like this.

Recently, my mom took this to a potluck dinner where lots of fancy dishes were contributed by other ladies. Throughout the meal, Mom heard numerous positive comments about her Jello salad — “MMmmmm… this is SO GOOD!” We’re still laughing! 😀
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Chicken Caesar Salad

I received this recipe from the hostess of a lovely baby shower luncheon I attended. She served it with Broccoli Supreme Casserole. I’ve used the same menu at showers I’ve hosted, with great success.
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Spinach Salad

This recipe was originally from either Aunt Rita or Grandma Agnes. You can prepare the ingredients a day ahead, then toss the salad with the dressing at serving time.
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