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Jen’s Hearty Vegetable Soup

This is my own recipe which was inspired by a similar one I found on-line. I just added a lot more vegetables, replaced the bouillon cubes with broth, used a bit more water, and made other changes until the recipe became my own. It makes a very hearty, nutritious, and delicious soup that can be enjoyed for days. It’s also very adaptable and the ingredients can be modified to suit your taste. Since some of the ingredients already contain sodium, I do not add any additional salt to this soup – but again, you may add it to satisfy your own taste buds.
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Split Pea Soup

I arrived home from work one day to find Jim trying this recipe for the first time. Though I’m usually not a fan of split pea soup, I love this one — it’s very flavorful and delicious.

Source: Soups from the Williams-Sonoma Cookbook Library.
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Lentil Stew

This is a very good, nutritious, hearty “stew” or soup. Original source:  Fit or Fat Target Recipes by Covert Bailey and Lea Bishop.
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