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The Family Recipe Box is a place to share our large collection of recipes from many sources. Some were scribbled long ago on notes and cards by family, friends, and colleagues. Others were clipped from newspapers, magazines, and food packages. Some were discovered on food blogs, usually adapted to make them our own. All of them were filed away in the dark kitchen cabinets in file boxes, notebooks, and folders.

Many of these recipes are favorites of family members who often request them by phone or by email. One day I wondered: What if we’re not home or our computer crashes, and they need the recipe ASAP? I wanted to make them easily accessible at any time — but how?

And so, The Family Recipe Box was born. There are many more recipes waiting to come out into the light, so check back often to see what’s new. My hope is that those who visit will keep the recipes going for many more years to come. And there’s always room for more in the box, so feel free to submit a favorite of your own.

If you like a recipe, please post a comment and let us know!

Happy Eating! 🙂

~ Jen